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The headquarters
Cosal is a private Romanian company created in 1992. Since 1996 the company has focused on distribution of raw materials for confectioneries and pastries. Today its sales network is covering all regions of the country. In 1998 the company has started its importing business from suppliers in India, Italy, Sri Lanka, Malaesia and China, expanding its product range and decreasing cost prices, all in all with an overall increase of quality and customer satisfaction.

The year 2002 have marked the beginning of its own production of counterpane for glaze and filling chocolate and fondant.
The raw materials are delivered weekly, by the company's own distribution fleet. The Logistics Office coordinates the activity of the Spedition Department that offers services like grouping and transport of goods all over Romania.
The next goal of the Company is the implementation of the quality management according to International Standards ISO 9001/2000, HACCP integrated.