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Hazelnuts and chocolate cake

The dough:
6 eggs (egg powder),
170 g sugar,
70 g margarine,
50 g Cosal counterpane,
1 vanilla sugar pack,
170 g crushed hazelnuts.

Praline Cream:
250 g margarine,
100 g Cosal counterpane,
100 g granulated sugar,
150 g hazelnuts,
1 vanilla sugar pack.

The yolks cream will be mixed together with the sugar. Then there will be added the ripped up counterpane, the vanilla, the mixed margarine cream, the hazelnuts and in the end the firm creamed white of eggs.
The composition will be poured in a cake pan, which has to be greased with margarine and tapestries with flour.
It will be baked at temperate temperature for 25-30 minutes. The cold dough will be cut in half.
The pastries will be filled with a cream which is prepared as follows: the sugar is caramelized in a pan. After the caramel becomes dark brown, the baked hazelnuts are added. It will be poured on a plate greased with margarine, and after the praline is cooled off, it is grinded. Meanwhile, the margarine is mixed until it becomes cream, it is mixed with the ripped up counterpane not to be warm, it is vanilla flavored, and then the praline is added.
Optionally, the dough will be flavored with syrup prepared with sugar and a bit of water, vanilla or rum being added.